Monthly Meetings


Saturday January 19, 2019
Sun City Ballroom, Social 9:30; Meeting 10 a.m.

The meeting will be devoted to the Activist Group and the importance and effectiveness of activism. Information about the Rally for Reproductive Rights, scheduled for later that day, will be presented by Pat Perkison who will discuss what our Activists do and outline plans for the new year.

Following the meeting, if enough of us want to participate, we’ll charter a bus to attend the 45th TX Roe v. Wade Rally in Austin at 2:00 p.m. on the South steps of the TX state capitol, 100 Congress Avenue. This is a rally sponsored by the Texas Reproductive Rights organization.


The Activist group needs to gauge the level of interest in riding a bus to the rally. Please email ASAP to let Pat Perkison know if you are interested in riding a bus to Austin. The cost usually runs about $20 per person. If there is enough interest, she will notify you and begin the process of filling and scheduling buses! If you are seriously interested, please RSVP at:


Saturday,  February 9, 2019
SC Ballroom, Social 9:30; Meeting 10:00 a.m.

This meeting will be dedicated to our mission: To communicate and promote Democratic principles, ideals, and values, and to provide a political and social home for like-minded individuals.

The Board will unveil proposed bylaws to update procedures for our 700 member club!

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DISCUSSION GROUP – Presentation Slides
JOBS: Tariffs and Trade Wars Won’t Solve Job Issues
Attendees at the Discussion Group on January 9 will find the presentation slides HERE

We’re starting over again – help us meet our new goal of $60,000!  Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$60,000$6,000Raised $6,000 towards the $60,000 target.10%

Because of you we were able to soar past our financial goal for the last election. Thank you! Now it’s time to start again to get even more Democrats elected in the 2020 election. Our goal right now is $60,000 and with your help we can meet this and go beyond as we did last time. Let’s make an even bigger IMPACT!  Kim Moran is the Chair of IMPACT. Additional members of the Committee are Ira Dolich, Vicki Miller, Cheryll Riley, Connie Carden, Pam Gardner and Debbie Bruner.


FILE PHOTO: Facebook logo is seen at a start-up companies gathering at Paris’ Station F in Paris, France on January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer/File Photo

By Larry Hilliard, administrator

The Sun City Democrats “closed” Facebook group, was created in October 2011 with the approval of the Sun City Democrats Club Board of Directors at that time.  Its purpose was, and continues to be, to provide a social media venue for group members to share information and comments/opinions in a safe and non-threatening environment ~ thus a “closed” group. As with any Facebook page, comments are those of the individuals who sign their names. The views and opinions expressed in this group are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent official policy or position of the Sun City Texas Democrats Club or of its membership as a whole.

What is a “closed” Facebook group?   In order to join this group, you have to request to join.  When a request comes to the attention of one of the administrators, we do our best to determine if the requester meets the two criteria to become a member: 1) be a Democrat and 2) live in Williamson County.  Only individuals who have been approved to join this group can read comments, post items and comment on items.  While the Facebook public at-large can see the existence of the group on Facebook, as well as the members, no one who is not a member of this group can see anything beyond that information.  They can’t read what is posted or make comments.  When this group was created, it was (and still is) important that members would not feel threatened or be attacked for their political views (as happens frequently in other political Facebook groups).

Finally, being a member of this group, in and of itself, does not make you a member of the Sun City Democrats Club.  While club membership is not a criteria to join this group, we fervently hope that you will. Currently, there are over 400 members in this Facebook group and over 500 dues-paying members of the club.  If you have friends or neighbors who meet the eligibility criteria, please tell them about us and encourage them to join.  Our strength is in our numbers, our ideas and what we value.  Now is not the time to be a “closet” or “sit on the sidelines” Democrat.  We have work to do!

To join the group, go to facebook and enter Sun City Democrats, Georgetown, Texas . After requesting to join the Facebook group using the link on the site, you will be authorized to post questions, comments and more.