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Resistance Summer at Sun City                                           July 16, 2017

Picnic Picnic Picnic!

Summer Resistance Picnic

July 16, Sun City Democrats enjoyed BBQ, wine and beer at Legacy Park Pavilion in Sun City.  The Austin Harmony Chorus sang, and candidates for congressional seat 31 — Mike Clark, Christine Mann, Kent Lester, and MJ Hegar introduced themselves.
Nationwide, the DNC is organizing Democrats for the 2018 elections, calling this summer “Resistance Summer.”  And our own Activists group is sponsored our picnic .

$15,000 and Growing                                                              July 15, 2017

IMPACT’s Kim Moran announces the latest total for fundraising.  We have raised $15,000 towards our $50,000 goal. Read more and follow the direct mail campaign by clicking here.




Latest Happy Hour at Putter’s Cafe                                    July 6, 2017

Democrats in Sun City, “Be there or be square”.  Happy Hours every first and third Thursday!
Special thanks to Putters for having us!  (Guarantee: no one who voted for Trump will be in the room.)

For more pictures, click here.

Visit to Cruz Office                                                               June 30, 2017

Kudos to these six good Democrats who visited the office of Senator Ted Cruz to talk about healthcare.  On June 29, they met with Cruz’s State Operations Officer and delivered petitions to emphasize the importance of healthcare to Texans.  Brenda Alicea said, “We must believe we make a difference and he must know we are not apathetic nor are we going away!”
Pictured, from left to right are Linda Moran, Robert Melendez, Marianne Chmeleck, Pam Gardner, Peggy Kennedy, and Fred Redeker.

The next day, five more Dems went to the office of Senator John Cornyn.  From left to right are Dr Christine Mann, Felicia Miyakawa (co-chair of Wilco Indivisible), Rick Ragan, Gale Radebaugh, and Brenda Alicea.  They focused on Healthcare and delivered  petitions.




Can Senator John Cornyn see the healthcare crisis from here?  Dr Christine Mann and Felicia Miyakawa are in his 15th floor office in the Chase building, downtown Austin.   Felicia is the co-chair of Wilco Indivisible.  If you are interested in participating in office visits, contact Brenda Alicea at michstate71@suddenlink.net or Gale Radebaugh at bgsu7276@suddenlink.net .  



IMPACT Fundraising

Did you get your letter from the Sun City Democrats?  On May 10th, IMPACT mailed 440 letters to the Sun City Democrats Club mail list, (one letter per household) asking for donations to build a campaign war chest to support our Democrat candidates in the 2018 election.  Read more and follow the direct mail campaign by clicking here.


Mike Collier Announces                                                           June 17, 2017

Mike Collier announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor at a rally June 17 in Round Rock.  He described his plan to beat Dan Patrick, to whom Mike attributes the worst Texas legislative session in history.   Sun City Democrats carpooled to the the rally. Sun City Democrats met Mike when he spoke at our “Rally for the Blue” in April, and many thought him to be a highly credible candidate.  As yet, no one else has declared for Lt. Governor.




Pictured above is Mike Collier meeting Jay and Mary Kay Pierson at “Rally to the Blue”.

Help Wanted                                                                           June 8, 2017

Computer literate help needed for writing and editing this website.  Wordpress experience a plus, but OK if you are not afraid to learn a little WordPress.  Email me: marciaschorer@hotmail.com . 

Postcard Party                                                                          June 8, 2017

Twelve stalwart Sun City Dems wrote over 100 post cards to Carter, Cruz, and Cornyn to express  many concerns.  If you want to join a future postcard party, contact Marianne Chmeleck at mchmeleck@gmail.com .