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Postcard Party                                                                      Nov 17, 2017

Here, we see a group of Sun City Dems writing over 150 postcards to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, and John Carter, to say:

“The tax bill they proposed was not good for Sun City citizens; the Federal judges they are appointing are not qualified; the environmental issues they are passing are detrimental to our future,  and the budget they proposed with cuts to Medicare and Medicaid would negatively affect many of our Sun City residents.”

Thanks for speaking up Georgienne Nassauer, Diana Renton, Cheryl Bronn, Sara Wahlquist, Sue and Vince Totero, Maurine Rothschild, Barb Carter, Gloria Wells and Gail Adams, (all the way from Florence).


Good Times at Nov Happy Hour

Thanks to Larry Hilliard for these pictures.  And to Jacquelyn Karash for the following ones.


Finding Democrats

Robert Melendez, Marianne Chmeleck and Vicki Simons recruit new new club members at the Sun City New Residents orientation.  Many new residents were thrilled to discover like-minded neighbors, and three signed up on the spot!



Major M.J. Hegar Speaks to Dems                                    Oct 21, 2017

Close to 200 Sun City Democrats welcomed MJ Hegar and her family to the Ballroom for the Oct 21 general meeting.  Hegar described her experiences in the military and added a   riveting account of her rescue mission during her third tour of duty in Afghanistan,  for which she was awarded the Purple Heart.


Hegar talked about the role of women in the military, and mentioned she is part of a group that promoted the role of women in combat (the Combat Integration Initiative).  On the topic of national security, she sees  immigration bans as harmful to developing good relationships in the countries where the military is involved.

She encouraged us to read her book Shoot Like a Girl: One Woman’s Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front to learn more about who she is.


Nov 7 Election

The Nov 7 election included 7 propositions that would apply to the State of Texas.  In unofficial results, all propositions passed.   To see the voting in Williamson County, you can click here.

To refresh your memory of the propositions, you can go The League of Women Voters’ site for Austin. Go to www.lwvaustin.org and click on Voters Guide.  You can also view the summaries and recommendations  of the Texas State Democratic House Caucus, by clicking here.   Williamson County Proposition A also passed; it abolishes the office of county surveyor for the county, so that the county can use contract surveyors instead.

Can Anyone Provide a Truck?

The Sun City Dems are in need of a truck to pull the club float in the 2018 Poppy Parade.  If you can supply a truck, contact  Marianne Chmeleck ( mchmeleck@gmail.com )





Joaquin Castro Comes to Sun City                                    Oct 7, 2017

An enthusiastic crowd of Democrats filled the ballroom to host Joaquin Castro on Saturday, October 7.   Kim Moran gave opening remarks, and introduced local officials and candidates who were in attendance.

Congressman Castro stressed that the country needs the Democrats and that Sun City is important in that effort.  “This is a crucial time for the United States and the world, and the United States has been the leader of the world for many years,” he said.

Congressman Castro said that issues of importance in America include high tuitions that students can no longer afford and the Affordable Care Act, which needs support.  He stressed another major issue, immigration, and said that the Mexicans who come to the USA are working for better lives for their children.   He told the crowd that every immigrant generation has dealt with discrimination until they’ve said, “That’s enough! No more!”

In closing, the Congressman called on us to vote out Ted Cruz and John Cornyn if we are not happy with the fact that they and the Republican Congress have not been able to pass one single piece of meaningful legislation.   To read a little background on Joaquin Castro, click here.

At left, the Morans with Congressman Castro.




Message from our President Larry Buxbaum regarding November’s meeting

Immediately after the November 18 meeting program,  we will have a general membership meeting. The only item on the agenda will be a proposal to amend the Sun City Democrats Club by-laws. The Board of Directors has approved these amendments, which are largely intended to clarify the composition of the Board and the responsibilities of the Committees and their chairs. At the general membership meeting, these amendments will be voted upon in their entirety. A two-thirds vote is required for adoption.  Please read the bylaws and note the changes marked in bold. Click here to read the proposed amendments in full.  


Holiday Party

The SunCityDems holiday party will be at the ATRIUM on December 2, 2017 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.! We will be serving appetizers, red and white wine,  water and great conversation.

In order to gauge the supply needs, please RSVP to cmelendez1950@gmail.com with the number of others you will be taking. Please put “holiday party” in the subject line.


Wine World

Judy Mayo shares information at a recent Reds, Whites, and Blue wine tasting at the home of Jim and Leah Baker where the group looked out on real donkeys!  The Beam’s, Frank and Rebecca, presented a New Mexico-themed lesson wine lesson and the club enjoyed a festive evening tasting hearty appetizers, desserts, and wines.

Frank and Rebecca Beam (pictured)  presented a New Mexico-themed wine tasting lesson plus hearty appetizers, and desserts for the wine tasting group in the home of Jim and Leah Baker.  Among other facts, all learned that New Mexico is the oldest wine producing state in the country, and they tried a wine seasoned with red or green chili peppers! Plus chocolate!

Also this month, the third and newest wine group Liberal Libations featured Ron Yeck leading a lesson on New Zealand and Australian wines.  G’day, mates!



Adding Voters to Democracy                                              September 18, 2017

Gale Radebaugh and Brenda Alicea registered WILCO voters at Austin Community College in  Round Rock on September 18.








Sun City Democrats “closed” Facebook group?

FILE PHOTO: Facebook logo is seen at a start-up companies gathering at Paris’ Station F in Paris, France on January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer/File Photo

By Larry Hilliard, administrator

The Sun City Democrats “closed” Facebook group, and was created in October 2011 with the approval of the Sun City Democrats Club Board of Directors at that time.  Its purpose was, and continues to be, to provide a social media venue for group members to share information and comments/opinions in a safe and non-threatening environment ~ thus a “closed” group. As with any facebook page, comments are those of the individuals who sign their names. The views and opinions expressed in this group are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent official policy or position of the Sun City Texas Democrats Club or of its membership as a whole.

What is a “closed” Facebook group?   In order to join this group, you have to request to join.  When a request comes to the attention of one of the administrators, we do our best to determine if the requester meets the two criteria to become a member: 1) be a Democrat and 2) live in Williamson County.  Only individuals who have been approved to join this group can read comments, post items and comment on items.  While the Facebook public at-large can see the existence of the group on Facebook, as well as the members, no one who is not a member of this group can see anything beyond that information.  They can’t read what is posted or make comments.  When this group was created, it was (and still is) important that members would not feel threatened or be attacked for their political views (as happens frequently in other political Facebook groups.)

Finally, being a member of this group, in and of itself, does not make you a member of the Sun City Democrats Club.  While club membership is not a criteria to join this group, we fervently hope that you will. Currently, there are over 400 members in this Facebook group and over 500 dues-paying members of the club.  If you have friends or neighbors who meet the eligibility criteria, please tell them about us and encourage them to join.  Our strength is in our numbers, ours ideas and what we value.  Now is not the time to be a “closet” or “sit on the sidelines” Democrat.  We have work to do!  To join the group, go to facebook and enter Sun City Democrats, Georgetown, Texas  .  The link is the upper-right sidebar.

Share Your Photos

If you attend a Sun City Democrats event and take pictures, please send them on to the website. On your smartphone, make sure your camera is capturing at the highest resolution. You can also use a “real camera”.  For the website, acceptable file formats are .jpg, .png, or .gif.  A separate file for each photo, please.  Text files need to be in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format.

Email to marciaschorer@hotmail.com

Donations for a Blue 2018 are $40,000

#FF0000 Raised $40,000 towards the $50,000 target.


IMPACT fundraising, as of Oct 24, stands at approximately $40,000.  Of this, the popular and well-attended Juaquin Castro event netted $15,700.  Of the $15,327 of direct mail contributions, $15,327 came from donors who gave $100 or more.  Fifteen donors are making recurring, monthly donations.

A hearty THANK YOU to the wonderful contributors to the Sun City Democratic Club’s fundraising committee, IMPACT.  You all are to be congratulated for helping us raise $40,000, so far. We aren’t done yet. We are now on the move to reach our goal of $50,000  to help elect Democrats in 2018, from the top of the ticket down.

The IMPACT team, shown here from left to right, are Cheryl Riley, Vicki Miller, Connie Carden, Billie Reaney, Janet Fulk, Kim Moran, and Ira Dolich.

Did you get your letter from the Sun City Democrats?  On May 10th, IMPACT mailed 440 letters to the Sun City Democrats Club mail list, (one letter per household) asking for donations to build a campaign war chest to support our Democrat candidates in the 2018 election.  Read more and follow the direct mail campaign by clicking here.


Candidate Count

Here are links to current candidates for offices that pertain to Georgetown. Check in on them to see statements, priorities, and schedules for campaign events. (Sun City Democrats does not endorse candidates until after the primaries.)

Help Wanted

Computer literate help needed for writing and editing this website.  Some experience with WordPress necessary.  Email me: marciaschorer@hotmail.com .