The Williamson County Democratic Party Needs Election Workers for the Primary Election!

pollworkersneededHaving a place to go to vote for the candidates of your choice and to support or oppose ballot initiatives is the crux of a well-functioning democracy. That’s why we are reaching out and looking for Democratic poll workers willing to work as election poll workers for the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday March 1st.

Get the details on the Wilco Democrats website.

SCDC February Meeting

P1040373Saturday, February 20, 2016, 10-11 AM
Coffee, cookies and socializing: 9:30-10 AM

Cowan Creek Amenity Center,  1433 Cool Spring Way

Hear the latest about the platforms of Bernie and Hillary at our forum for spokespersons for each of these candidates. On what issues do they agree and on which issues do they differ? Which candidate makes the best case against the Republicans? Which candidate best represents the issues that are important to you.?

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Wilco Candidate news

TerryCookTerry Cook was endorsed by the Western Wilco Democratic Club on Wed night, Feb 3.

” Both my opponent and I had turned in answers to their written questions prior to the forum. Our answers were distributed to the audience, we then did our best impersonations of Carol Burnet’s Q&A for 45 minutes, then left the room for the discussions held by the club.”

There will be a Primary Night Watch Party on March 1 (both Terry Cook and Chad Chadwell  will be there as they will support whomever the voters choose).  This will be a WCDP sponsored event and the location is to be decided – may be Junior’s Ice House on Main St in Round Rock.

Old South Ball: the Real Story

Billie Reaney at Old South Ball

by Billie Reaney, February 6, 2016

And so they came, to the Old South Ball dressed in the finery of the Antebellum South with ladies in elegant hoop-skirted frocks and men in top hats and tails. They came to dance the night away as they re-lived the 1860’s culture and society that never was. The event has caused discord within our community. Many insisted it was a benign representation of history. Others, myself included, felt that it preserved a distorted picture of the past; of myths about the Civil War and its causes and consequences. It perpetuated a fantasy, passed down the generations, that has been substituted for history.

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The Fight Between Sanders And Clinton Isn’t A Purity Test. It’s A Genuine Divide Over Gender And Corporate Power.

grassrootsThe primary battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton reflects the deepening divide between the two candidates and reflects a major rift within the Democratic Party.

Elizabeth Warren first opened this rift when she built herself into the second-most popular figure in the Democratic Party by railing against Democratic support for Wall Street. The primary struggle between Clinton and Sanders is now a referendum on the model of progress it has pursued since the late 1970s.

Read the editorial in the Huffington Post by Zach Carter, February 4, 2016

Iowa Caucus Deals Death Blow To The Establishment

mudDespite the seeming chaos of our current political campaign, where “the worst is full of passionate intensity,” we have to see this as a transition, not a permanent condition. ..  only a true dead-ender would be willing to gamble that 30 years from today we will live in a country where non-hispanic Whites make up the majority (the Brookings institution says they become a minority in 2044), where coal and oil are still the dominant power sources and that America is the dominant hegemon and Wall Street rules the economy.

Read the editorial in the Huffington Post by Jonathan Kaplin,  February 3, 2016

See also It Takes a Movement by Robert Reich, February 2, 2016

The U.S. at perpetual war

warIn his State of the Union addresses, Obama has proclaimed America “exceptional” and said the U.S. must “lead the world.” Clinton wrote in her book Hard Choices that “America remains the indispensable nation.”

It is this view that animates U.S. invasions, interventions, bombings and occupations of other countries. Under the pretense of protecting our national interest, the United States maintains some 800 military bases in other countries, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually. Often referred to as “enduring bases,” they enable us to mount attacks whenever and wherever our leaders see fit, whether with drones or manned aircraft.

Read the editorial in the Huffington Post by Marjorie Cohn, February 1, 2016

Turning Texas blue?: 3 trends could undo the 20 years of Republican rule Texas has endured since the days of Ann Richards

turningThree trends are underway here that could undo the 20 years of Republican rule we have endured since George W. Bush defeated the most dynamic and progressive governor Texas ever had – the late Ann Richards. Without her there’s been little humor or light coming from either our hapless left or our crazy right. But change is possible – even though Texas Dems got crushed along with the rest of the national party in 2014.

Read the article in Salon by Mary Beth Rogers, January 31, 2016

Vote the bums out!

wethepeopleArticle by JC Dufresne in the Seguin Gazette, January 15, 2016

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will likely soon stand trial for felony charges stemming from his failure to register for status as an investment advisor. Paxton encouraged investors, including a fellow Texas lawmaker, to put their money into the tech startup Servergy Inc. without disclosing that he was being paid by the company to solicit investors. If convicted, he faces five to 99 years in prison so this isn’t something petty. Paxton has already admitted his guilt and paid a $1,000 fine on the civil side.

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Texas Tries To Repair Damage Wreaked Upon Family Planning Clinics

Five-month old Ronan Amador rides in a carrier with his mother, Elizabeth Mahoney during a Planned Parenthood rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol on March 7, 2013, in Austi
Five-month old Ronan Amador rides in a carrier with his mother, Elizabeth Mahoney during a Planned Parenthood rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol on March 7, 2013, in Austin     Eric Gay AP

The latest family planning predicament began in 2011 when the Republican-dominated Legislature decided it was done, once and for all, funding Planned Parenthood. It eliminated funding for any clinic associated with an abortion provider even if the clinic itself didn’t perform abortions. In the process, the Legislature ended up slashing the state’s family planning budget by two-thirds.

Read the article in KERA news by Wade Goodwyn, January 28, 2016

Anti-abortion activists indicted in Planned Parenthood video case

accidentalparenthoodA Harris County grand jury, investigating undercover videos depicting Planned Parenthood’s handling of fetal tissue, cleared the organization of wrongdoing Monday and instead indicted two abortion opponents involved in shooting the video in a Houston clinic last April.

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Swimmer hopes third time’s a charm for Games

IMPACT chair Billie Reaney with granddaughter Emma

Granddaughter of Sun City resident trains for Olympic trials in Nebraska this summer.

Ms. Reaney is training to swim in the Olympic Games this summer, her third such attempt. The Kansas-native has tried out for the USA Swimming team twice before, the first time when she was 15 years old. She finished behind more than 170 other swimmers.

Read the article by Michael Freeman in the Williamson Sun, January 24, 2016


Turning Texas Blue: What It Will Take to Break the GOP Grip on America’s Reddest State

marybethrogersMary Beth Rogers’ new book is a blueprint for turning Texas blue, or at least giving Democrats a fighting chance.

Mary Beth Rogers ran the last successful Democratic campaign for statewide office in Texas. The year was 1990 and the candidate was Ann Richards. Four years later, Rogers ran Richards’ re-election campaign — a loss that gave us George W. Bush. As Rogers writes in her new book, Turning Texas Blue, she has “seen both sides of Texas politics — euphoric victory and bitter loss.” And like other Texas Democrats, Rogers has spent the last 25 years suffering through one of the most miserable runs of a major political party in memory. She’s watched as Democrats have slipped further and further into irrelevance, even as the GOP lost interest in governing and began catering to its increasingly extreme far-right wing.

Read the article in the Texas Observer by Mary Beth Rogers, January 19, 2016

Primary Election Dates

  • ballot-boxLast day to register to vote:  Monday, February 1, 2016
  • First Day of Early Voting:     Tuesday, February 16, 2016
  •  Last Day to apply for Ballot by Mail:   Friday, February 19, 2016  (received, not postmarked)
  •  Last Day of Early Voting:   Friday, February 26, 2016
  •  Last Day to Receive Ballot by Mail: Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Election Day at 7:00pm

Tax dodging by the superrich is driving global inequality, Oxfam says

corporation_cartoon_talk_things_outTax dodging by the super-rich is one of the main drivers of global income inequality and must be sharply curtailed, according to a new report from the global nonprofit Oxfam.

Citing research by Berkeley economist Gabriel Zucman — a protégé of Thomas Piketty, author of the global bestseller on inequality, Capital — Oxfam estimates that wealthy households around the world had as much as $7.6 trillion squirreled away in offshore accounts at the end of 2013. Another recent analysis by the groups Citizens for Tax Justice and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund projected that the United States would be owed $620 billion in federal taxes if its largest 500 corporations did not engage in offshoring.

Read the article in Al Jazeera by Ned Resnikoff, January 17, 2018

Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world’s population, says Oxfam

Rich And Poor

The vast and growing gap between rich and poor has been laid bare in a new Oxfam report showing that the 62 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population.

Timed to coincide with this week’s gathering of many of the super-rich at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, the report calls for urgent action to deal with a trend showing that 1% of people own more wealth than the other 99% combined.

Read the article in the Guardian by Larry Elliot, January 18, 2016