All About Impact

IMPACT is a Texas-registered PAC (political action committee) and the only PAC in Williamson County that raises and donates funds to Democratic candidates.

Through IMPACT, we can fundraise for candidates in the 2018 elections and beyond. Our goal is to raise $50,000 ahead of 2018 elections, in order to make significant midterm changes. The first fundraiser in 2017 was “Rally to the Blue” in April, at which we netted over $5000.

We are now asking all Sun City Democrats to consider contributing to IMPACT.  As part of this direct mail campaign, you have received a letter ( read the full text by clicking here. )  A donation of $10 a month for the year, or a $100 donation from each of you will get us to our goal. #FF0000 Raised $15,000 towards the $50,000 target.


To quote from the letter, “This is our fight. We cannot leave it to others. Our task, our reason to be a PAC, is to raise the money that gives confidence to those who are willing to step up and become candidates.”

Funds for a Blue 2018

Click here for an update on the direct mail campaign.

A PAC must meet legal requirements. The Sun City Democrats Club is the controlling entity for IMPACT, but IMPACT has its own Treasurer and accounts, thus insulating its funds from those of the Sun City Democrats Club. The IMPACT treasurer is registered with Texas Ethics Commission and is responsible for reporting fundraising and spending data to the Texas Ethics Commission. You can see IMPACT campaign finance reports online:

Note that IMPACT cannot raise money for, nor direct money to, elections that are non-partisan, such as city elections and school board elections. (However, any one of us, as an individual, can support non-partisan candidates.)

Billie Reaney is the Chair of IMPACT —  .  Members of the Impact Committee are Vice Chair Kim Moran, Treasurer Ira Dolich, Assistant Treasurer Vicki Miller, Secretary Janet Fulk,  Connie Carden, Peggy Kennedy, and Dan Spencer.

IMPACT (Informed Members Political Action Committee of Texas)  1520 Sun City Blvd, Suite 120, PMB 475, Georgetown, TX 78633.