Sun City Democrats’ Club

Georgetown, Texas


Article 1: Purposes

The purposes of the Sun City Democrat’s Club (SCDC) are to provide opportunities for strengthening bonds among area Democrats, promote democratic principles and ideals, endorse participation in the electoral process, and to support Democratic candidates.

Article 2: Membership

1. Any person who supports the Purposes of the SCDC (Article 1 above) is eligible for membership.

2. Membership is achieved and maintained through payment of annual dues. Annual dues are payable at inception of membership and by January 31 of each following year.

Article 3: Board of Directors, Elected Officers, Standing Committees, Precinct Chairs, Officio and Non-officio Members

1. Any member in good standing may be a candidate for any office. The elected officers shall include President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. This article establishes the following standing committees: Program; Membership; Social; Communications; Special Events; Groups; and IMPACT (Political Action Committee PAC).

Section A. There shall be a Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors will be comprised of officio and ex-officio members.

2. Officio members have the power of vote, one vote per member regardless of the number of positions simultaneously held on the Board. The following constitute the Board of Director’s Officio members:

a. The four elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

b. Up to seven Standing Committee Chair Members; Membership Program, Special Events, Communications, Social Committee, Groups, and the Chair of the Political Action Committee – IMPACT.

c. Qualifying Democrat Party Precinct Chairs: Democrat Party Precinct Chairs currently serving Williamson County who: (1) are members of SCDC (2) request membership on the Board, (3) are approved for Board membership and service by a majority of elected officers. 3. Ex-Officio non-voting members of the SCDC Board of Directors should include, whenever possible and in the interests of continuity, the immediate past-president if approved for this duty by the majority of elected officers.

Section B. The general membership shall elect the officers by vote.

1. The general membership will convene every two years, near the end of even numbered years, to elect its officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. The elected officers will serve two-year terms.

3. Election to office shall be established by simple majority of votes cast.

4. The term of office begins on January 1 of odd numbered years. Section C. Presidential Succession

1. If the President leaves office, either the Vice President or the Immediate Past President, as determined by a vote of the Board, shall assume the duties and title of President.

2. If neither the Vice President nor the Immediate Past President is able to assume the duties of the President, the Board, by majority vote, may appoint a President, from among the members of the Board, to serve the remainder of the term.

Section D. Vacancy on the Board

In the event that a vacancy arises on the Board (except for the office of the President) the position shall be filled by a club member, elected by the Board, to serve the remainder of the term.

Section E. Removal of Committee Chairs or Officers

Any Officer or Committee Chairperson (Standing or otherwise) may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present at an appropriately called General Membership Meeting.

Article 4: Duties of the Officers and the Board and the Standing Committees

Section A. Duties of the Officers

The President shall:

1. Preside and set the agenda at Board meetings and meetings of the membership.

2. Serve as the contact person to the State and County Democratic Party offices.

3. During first year of service, with the help of the Board, develop/update the Strategic Plan for the ensuing 2 years.

4. Present, at the beginning of each year, a one-year budget consistent with the Plan, for approval by the Board.

5. Provide, at the end of the year, a summary report to the general membership on the achievements and status of SCDC.

The Vice-President shall:

Perform the duties of the President when he/she is absent and such other duties as are assigned by the President.

The Secretary shall:

1. Keep accurate minutes of Board meetings and other meetings as directed by the Board.

2. Submit the minutes to Board members for their approval at their next regular meeting.

3. Provide copies of minutes of the Board to SCDC members who request them.

4. Keep accurate minutes of official actions taken by the General Membership at Club meetings (e.g., elections).

5. Submit the reports of these actions for inclusion with the minutes of the Board at the Board’s next regular meeting.

6. Prepare and send such correspondence as the club or President may direct.

The Treasurer shall:

1. Keep all financial records.

2. Maintain club bank account.

3. Report all receipts and disbursements and current balance at each meeting of the Board.

4. Maintain records of members in good standing.

5. Pay bills of officers and committees when authorized

6. Assist the President in the preparation of the annual budget.

7. Make all reservations for room rental as requested by committees, groups or other and when approved by Board.

Section B. Duties of the Board

The Board shall:

1. Review and approve the yearly budget.

2. Familiarize the Club with the adopted Strategic Plan and act in ways that improve compliance with the Plan.

3. Review and approve Standing Committee actions and requests for action when the committee or a majority of the Board deems such approval necessary.

4. Review and approve any change in membership dues subject to approval by the general membership.

5. Approve financial reports of the treasurer.

6. Authorize spending and encumbrance of debt.

7. Authorize expenditures not otherwise authorized in the budget for the year. (A majority of the Board must agree to authorize such expenditures.)

8. Accept the responsibility for recruiting good candidates for club officers, committees, subcommittees, group leaders and for the Board.

9. Accept the responsibility for assisting with the recruitment of good Democratic candidates for public offices at every level of governance.

10. May support candidates for office by endorsing and promoting them to the club members.

11. Perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as are necessary for the management of the club

Section C. Duties of the Standing Committees

Membership Committee:

Chair of the Membership Committee will serve as a Director of the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Serve to add and retain members for the club. It shall seek to identify and recruit local Democrats.

2. Maintain separate lists of club members, and of Democrats and other like-minded individuals who have shown interest in the club.

3. Include email addresses and such other information that enhances opportunities for expanding the visibility and influence of the Democrats in general and the Club in particular.

4. Organize appropriate methods for keeping the lists current. The committee chair shall provide the Web Master with all lists and updates to the lists.

5. Welcome those who attend meetings and events and provide appropriate informational materials.

6. Ensure that greeters and materials are in place to welcome newcomers to the community at Sun City’s open house and other appropriate outreach activities and events.

7. Engage the SCDC in activities which enhance the opportunities for recruiting members.

Social Committee:

Chair of the Committee will serve as a Director of the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Arrange appropriate social events for club members, e.g. holiday parties, happy hour gatherings and other member-only activities where refreshments are part of the event.

2. Work with the SCDC Treasurer to reserve appropriate space, plans for revenues and expenses and works with the Communications committee for appropriate publicity.

3. Work co-operatively with the Events committee and/or the Program committee when those committees plan and conduct an event or a program where the public is invited, if that event includes food or refreshments.

4. Maintain a Hospitality sub-committee responsible for ensuring that the meeting places are properly arranged for the club and/or speaker, with refreshments if appropriate.

Program Committee:

Chair of committee will serve as a Director on the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Be responsible for acquiring speakers or arranging other appropriate programs for all regular membership meetings.

2. Work with the SCDC Treasurer to reserve appropriate space for meetings, informs Hospitality Sub-Committee of requirements for appropriate setup of the meeting room.

3. Regularly report to the Board with regard to planning of future programs.

4. Communicate with speakers and manage details necessary for the programs, and provides the Board with contact information for the speaker, if appropriate.

5. Work co-operatively with the Events Committee and/or the Social Committee when those committees plan and conduct an event or a social activity where the public is invited.

6. Work with Communications Committee Chair, in advance, for purposes of publicity, of program arrangements.

Special Events Committee:

Chair of committee will serve as a Director on the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Be responsible for arranging appropriate special events that are for the public rather than just for club members.

2. Be responsible for the, the planning for costs and expenses of the planned events.

3. With the treasurer’s help, reserve appropriate space for the event.

4. Submit plans to the Board for approval or modification.

5. Team with the Communications Committee Chair to produce publicity for the event.

6. Team with the Social Committee if food or refreshments are integral to the event and the Board has approved the plan for the event.

7. Team with the Program Committee, if appropriate, when the event includes speakers or other specialists.

Communications Committee:

Chair of committee will serve as a Director on the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Disseminate information through the following facilities: Telephone, E-mail, Club Website, Sun Rays, Newsletter, and public press.

2. Be responsible for communicating club news and program items, announcement, campaign ads and information as deemed appropriate and helpful to the successful implementation of the

Strategic Plan.

Groups Committee:

Chair of committee will serve as a Director on the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Prompt and promote worthy Interest and Action Groups, which are defined as follows:

a. An Interest Group or an Action Group consists of three or more members acting together on behalf of a common concern. A Group must be Board recognized; have designated leaders; promote and publicize their activities to their membership and through the Group Committee Chair to the Board.).

b. An Interest Group tends to influence its own members.

c. An Action Group tends to focus on those beyond its own membership..

2. Receive and review ongoing activity reports from the various Interest and Action Groups.

3. Provide the Board and the Communications Chair with ongoing summaries of activities and accomplishments of the various


4. Facilitate communication from Board to Groups as appropriate.

Political Action Committee – IMPACT:

Chair of committee will serve as a Director on the Board.

The committee shall:

1. Operate under the PAC name: Informed Members Political Action Committee of Texas or IMPACT.

2. Operate as a Political Action Committee or PAC as defined in Title 15 of the Election Code

3. Have its own treasurer, as required by Title 15, who will keep financial records as required by applicable election law. The treasurers is named in the State Ethics documents as the party responsible for proper and timely reporting of appropriate data on contribution and expenditures of the PAC.

4. Consist of 5-7 members, including the treasurer (item 3 above) and a chairperson. Former chairs and treasurers of IMPACT can (will) serve as advisors to the committee.

5. The Treasurer shall:

a. Ensure that the Club’s political contributions and expenditures are consistent with the ethics laws of the State of Texas and the Federal Government.

b. Will report to SCDC on financial status of the committee and the forward prospects for achieving the Club’s Strategic Plan.

6. The Chair shall:

a. Report to the Board the strategy and progress on plans for reaching the goals set out for IMPACT in the Strategic Plan.

b. Seek to keep IMPACT committee membership level at 5-7 by recruiting qualified volunteers among our Club members.

7. The Sun City Democrats Club shall be the ‘controlling entity’ of the PAC as defined in Title 15 of the Election Code.

Article 5: Meetings

1. General Membership meetings will be held on a regular basis as determined by the membership.

2. The Board may call special meetings of the general membership.

3. A quorum for conducting business of a regular or special meeting of the general membership shall be those members present.

4. Notice of special meetings must be given to all members in advance.

5. All meetings will be open to the public, unless certain conditions exist (e.g. lack of space to accommodate non-members)

6. Board meetings shall be held on a regular basis as determined by the President.

7. Two or more of the elected officers may call special meetings of the Board.

8. A quorum for conducting business of a regular or special meeting of the Board shall be those members present, but not less than 33% of held officers and chairs.

9. All Board meeting will be open to the membership.

10. Minutes of Board meetings are available to all members.

Article 6: Elections

1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee by September of each even year.

2. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of Officers and Directors to the Board at the October Meeting.

3. At the regular membership meeting in November the slate of Officers and Directors will be presented at which time other candidates may be nominated from the floor.

4. Members making nominations from the floor should first obtain the consent of their prospective candidate affirming that the nominee is willing to accept the office if elected.

5. Officers and Directors will be elected at the general membership meeting in December. After the election the officers will take office on January 1 of the following year.

Article 7: Amendments

1. These Bylaws may be amended at any legally called General Membership Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present.

2. Members should submit proposed amendments to the Board, whereupon, the Board will designate a meeting for the discussion on the proposals.

3. Proposed amendment(s) to these Bylaws must be printed verbatim in the notice to the Voting Members for the General Membership Meeting and be sent via email at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting.

4. Proposed amendments shall be passed or rejected verbatim.

Article 8: Dues

1. Any change in annual dues shall be recommended to the membership by the Board.

2. The Board will bring any request for change in the annual dues to the General Membership Meeting at a regular monthly meeting.

3. Approval will require a majority vote of members in good standing in attendance at the meeting.

Article 9: Implementation

All changes to the Club bylaws will take effect at the close of the General Membership Meeting in which they are approved and will be implemented as soon as possible, but no later than the Club’s New Year – January 1.