Dear Democrat,

This is a straightforward, unabashed urgent plea for a contribution to IMPACT, the political Action Committee of the Sun City Democrats. Sun City Democrats are the people who can make the difference in the 2018 election. We are the voters in Williamson County who have the power to “repeal and replace” Congressman Carter and our state legislator and state senator, Terry Wilson and Charles Schwertner. Our big advantage is that we are organized to bring about the change we want.

Our best opportunity for change, ever, arrived when Carter joined 216 other Republicans on their crusade to take away healthcare insurance from 24 million Americans, at the same time snatching $840 billion from Medicaid and Medicare for tax breaks for the very wealthy.

This is our fight. We cannot leave it to others. Our task, our reason to be a PAC is to raise the money that gives confidence to those who are willing to step up and become candidates. Our goal for this year is to raise $50,000 for support of good candidates who can help make the change we need so urgently. All across American, Democrats are working as we are, to achieve the urgent goal of putting a Democrat majority in the House and in the Speaker’s Chair.

A donation of $10 a month for the year, or a $100.00 donation from each of you will get us to our goal. We urge you to join in this effort with your donation.  Thank you for your gift. Were appreciate all gifts, large and small. We need the involvement of every non-Trump supporter to achieve our goal.


Billie Reaney, Chair, IMPACT

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