JOBS — Tariffs and Trade Wars Won’t Solve Job Issues

Presentation Slides: Attendees at the Discussion Group on January 9 will find the presentation slides HERE

As we look forward to 2019, and interesting events to come regarding Congress and national policy, we have reason to keep learning and working for change. This will be a record year for participation.

Our new Discussion Group Leader, Gerry Keller, will facilitate a discussion on this hot topic.

Gerry is a native Texan who grew up on a farm and ranch southeast of San Antonio. He learned to work hard at an early age and received a BBA degree from U of Texas in Industrial Management. After graduation, he worked as an Industrial Engineer, before getting into manufacturing management. He also attended night classes and earned an MBA from Texas State University.

Most of his career he worked for technology companies in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. These assignments gave him an opportunity to live, travel and work Internationally. This exposure gave him the opportunity to study different manufacturing philosophies and experiment with these techniques.

His views on jobs in the future are strongly affected by these observations and the experiences gained over these last 45+ years.

THIS IS A DISCUSSION YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! The way to convert our “red” neighbors, to see reason, is by educating ourselves to enable answers to their Trumpisms.