Skype with Beto O’Rourke                                                  Jan 5, 2018

Sun City Ballroom Friday Jan 5 to skype with Beto O’rourke over the big screen from Washington DC.  This event is called Friday Night Fights! because Beto’s challenge to Ted Cruz for a Senate seat is bound to be a knock-down drag-out fight.  Beto’s campaign staff will attend, as will Texas Democratic Party leaders and former Williamson Democratic Party Chair, John Bucy III, who will talk about plans for 2018.

Get your $10.00 ticket at or go to, log in and click on “Tickets.”  Ballroom doors open at 6:00 pm on Jan 5.  Free popcorn and water and BYOB.  There is no reserved seating.

Please note that the Sun City Democrats IMPACT Committee is sponsoring the event, but is not endorsing Beto or any other candidate until after the Primaries.  Neither will IMPACT be contributing to Beto’s campaign as his campaign does not accept donations from PACs.  Of course, you can personally contribute to his campaign, so bring your checkbooks.