IMPACT Fundraising Update – Direct Mail Campaign

On May 10th, IMPACT mailed 440 letters to the Sun City Democrats Club mail list, (one letter per household) asking for donations to build a campaign war chest to support our Democrat candidates in the 2018 election.  You can see the letter here .

Democratic candidates will all face off in the Democratic Primary in early March, 2018. It is extremely important that the winners of that Primary are ready and financially able to hit the ground running to win the election in November. Sun City Democrats Club can make their most significant contribution to winning in November by contributing now to the readiness of those candidates.

As of Oct 20, we have received $17,700, of which $15,327 is from donors who gave $100 or more.  Fifteen donors make recurring, monthly contributions. This total was calculated on all ActBlue donors, returned letters with donations and our newly activated credit card processing. This is a very encouraging response and we appreciate each contribution as we all work toward the goal of Democratic wins in November 2018.

Yet, we feel confident that we can do better. Please join the effort if you are able.

If you still have the letter, put a check in the preaddressed envelope and mail it back to IMPACT, please. Or come to the next Happy Hour or Club meeting with your donation. Or you can have treasurers, Ira Dolich or Vicki Miller process a donation with your credit card.

Or you can click here to DONATE NOW and pledge a monthly donation of $10.00 or more. We know the 2018 candidates will be grateful for your early commitment to their success.