IMPACT Committee members Kim Moran (Chair), Vicki Miller & Cheryll Riley served as delegates to the June 2018 Texas Democratic Convention wearing Pink headbands made by IMPACT donor Lynn Adams!

Williamson County Democratic Party Awards Dinner on August 23, 2018.
Kim Moran with Joaquin Castro and with Justin Nelson candidate for Attorney General

IMPACT Chair Kim Moran at September 20, 2018, candidate reception with John Bucy, Sec.  Julian Castro, Blane Conklin & James Talarico.



IMPACT’s 9/30/2018 Fundraiser – Texas Leaders for All Texans!

Photos from the Oct 17 kickoff of the Fair Shot Bus Tour. Statewide and local Texas Democratic candidates take off on a whirlwind bus tour to visit 25 cities over 5 days across Texas. Donations made by IMPACT (Sun City Democrats PAC) help our candidates reach out to voters.

Informed Members Political Action Committee of Texas is a part of Sun City Democrats Club. A political action committee (PAC) is required for any group wanting to raise money for candidates seeking political office. IMPACT has its own Treasurer and accounts, thus insulating its funds from those of the Sun City Democrats Club. IMPACT reports to the Texas Ethics Commission and the Federal Election Commission, a requirement that provides transparency in electoral processes. IMPACT is the only PAC in Williamson County that raises and donates funds to Democratic candidates.

Thanks to all our donors, we’ve surpassed our 2018 fundraising goal of $75,000! These funds are being used to help Democrats win mid-term elections at every level of government.

Soon after the March 2018 Primary and Runoff Elections, the IMPACT Committee engaged vetting procedures and had discussions with the Williamson County Democratic Party to assess how to best invest IMPACT funds to achieve Democratic wins in November.

Vetting focused on each candidate’s performance in the Primary, their viability against the candidate of the other party and their ability to raise money for their campaign. We looked at their knowledge and experience for the office they seek, their endorsements, their grasp of the issues and offered solutions, as well as their ability to engage voters in public appearances in a positive way. Having earned free media was also considered along with polling data.  Click here to read IMPACT’s procedures for donating money to candidates.

We ask all Democrats to consider contributing to IMPACT.  A donation of $10 a month for the year, or a $100 donation from each of you will make it possible to achieve our goal. This is our fight. We cannot leave it to others. Our task, our reason to be a PAC, is to raise the money that gives confidence to those who are willing to step up and become candidates.


Kim Moran is the Chair of IMPACT.  Members of the Impact Committee are Kim Moran, Ira Dolich, Vicki Miller & Cheryll Riley, Connie Carden.

IMPACT (Informed Members Political Action Committee of Texas)
1520 Sun City Blvd, Suite 120, PMB 475,
Georgetown, Texas 78633

IMPACT’s required report filings with the Federal Election Committee and the Texas Ethics Commission can be viewed at the following links:
Texas Ethics Commission Filings:
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Federal Election Committee filings:
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