Joaquin Castro Comes to Sun City                                    Oct 7, 2017

An enthusiastic crowd of Democrats filled the ballroom to host Joaquin Castro on Saturday, October 7.   Kim Moran gave opening remarks, and introduced local officials and candidates who were in attendance.

Congressman Castro stressed that the country needs the Democrats and that Sun City is important in that effort.  “This is a crucial time for the United States and the world, and the United States has been the leader of the world for many years,” he said.

Congressman Castro said that issues of importance in America include high tuitions that students can no longer afford and the Affordable Care Act, which needs support.  He stressed another major issue, immigration, and said that the Mexicans who come to the USA are working for better lives for their children.   He told the crowd that every immigrant generation has dealt with discrimination until they’ve said, “That’s enough! No more!”

In closing, the Congressman called on us to vote out Ted Cruz and John Cornyn if we are not happy with the fact that they and the Republican Congress have not been able to pass one single piece of meaningful legislation.   To read a little background on Joaquin Castro, click here.

At left, the Morans with Congressman Castro.