The Board, the Officers, and the
Committees of Sun City Democrats Club

Our Board consists of the elected Officers and Chairs of the Standing Committees. The board, guided by the Bylaws of the Club, meets monthly. One must be a member of the club to serve on the board.

Current Officers:

President: Larry

The President produces an annual budget and develops or updates the strategic plan for two years and presides over the Board and the meetings of the membership.

Vice President: Robert

The Vice President performs the duties of the President when the president is absent and other duties as assigned.

Secretary: Mary Siska –

The Secretary keeps accurate minutes of Board meetings and prepares and sends correspondence as directed by the club President.

Treasurer: Hanna

The Treasurer keeps all financial records, pays bills, and assists the President in preparing the budget.

Standing Committees and Chairs:

Membership: Marianne Chmeleck —

The Membership Chair seeks to identify, add, and retain members for the club. He/she organizes appropriate methods for keeping membership lists current recorded in the Club database.

Social/Hospitality: Cathy

The Social/Hospitality Chair arranges social events and directs the setup of meeting rooms for speakers and social events. He/she arranges for hospitality at the monthly meetings.

Program: Reed Heddleston —

The Program Chair arranges speakers or programs for regular meetings and directs the successful execution of those events.

Communications: Catherine Morales —

The Communications Chair communicates information to the club and the public about the events, activities, and campaigns of the club. He/she uses all appropriate media, and Is responsible for the management of Club website (editors Gladys Kennedy and Jacquelyn Karash) and emailing teams.

Events: Pat Prudhom —

Groups: Vicki

The Groups Chair facilitates communication between the Board and the Groups (Discussion, Progressive Singles, Activists, Impact, Wine Tasting Groups)

IMPACT: Kim Moran —

The IMPACT Chair represents The IMPACT Committee on the board and leads the IMPACT Committee. The IMPACT Committee is the political action arm of the club, with the task of raising money and supporting Democratic candidates. It is governed by the Ethics departments of the federal and state governments. IMPACT team:  Kim Moran, Ira Dolich, Vicki Miller, Cheryll Riley, Connie Carden and Pam Gardner.

Precinct Chairs:  Dwaine Boydstum
                              Mike Shay —