Howard Ryan Speaks at General Meeting                        May 20, 2017

Howard Ryan, author of Educational Justice: Teaching and Organizing Against the Corporate Juggernaut, spoke at the May 20th general meeting.

A former labor organizer, Ryan looked at period of education history since the 60’s and 70’s, examining both the activism of teachers in promoting the public schools and the corporate push for privatization and charter schools. He notes that many private/charter schools place an emphasis on military style obedience.

He wonders why corporations and the global market-based economy might want privatization, skills testing, and the evaluation of teachers based on their students’ text scores. He then theorizes that the corporate “juggernaut” (his word) has an interest in an obedient and docile majority, and in teachers whose major attention is on test results.

Ryan is an activist and writer who studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and at California State University Northridge. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.